Toy Safety

Dear Cabin Critters, Inc. Retailer:

There are many details to the new CPSIA law and it may be unclear what safety documentation is required to be compliant with the new CPSIA law. This letter should help clarify what documents are required, what they mean and how you can find them.
All of the plush toys Cabin Critters made in 2008 and earlier were tested to pass the then current CPSC government laws, and the ASTM-963-07 voluntary standards of the toy industry. These include tests like material flammability, the small parts hazard, and lead in the surface coating. These tests have always been required, and our toys have always met these standards.

As part of the CPSIA, all products manufactured after November 12th, 2008, are required to be certified that they meet CPSC standards. The new Certificate of Compliance shows what the item is, where it was made, who tested it, what tests the item passed, and who at Cabin Critters, Inc. is keeping these records. Each item is identified by SKU number, by PO number, indicating the production run, and the date manufactured.

Items manufactured before November 12, 2008 do not require a Certificate under the CPSIA. They still pass all the tests, but no certificate is required to confirm that.

Manufacturers are required to furnish new Certificates of Compliance as the items are shipped into commerce for sale. The CPSC has recently clarified that “furnish” means we can provide these certificates for you electronically over the internet. You are not required to have a hard copy of all these in your store.

All items manufactured as of February 10, 2009 must also pass two new tests that were not required in the past. Each material in the toy must be tested for lead in the substrate (not just on the surface, but inside the materials), and the plastics must be tested for phthalates, chemicals generally used to make plastics softer. All of our products will also meet the new more strict safety standard for lead that goes into effect on August 14, 2009.

The new Lead-in-Substrate Standard will also apply to current items in the marketplace, no matter when they were made, and any inventory currently in your store (that is, all items sold after February 10, 2009 must comply with the new lead substrate requirement, regardless of when they were made). Cabin Critters, Inc. confirms that, based on a reasonable testing program conducted over the last 3 months, all the current inventory we have in stock, and the current inventory you may have in your store, meet this new lead requirement.

Therefore, Cabin Critters, Inc. is confirming our products meet all of the new CPSIA testing and sale requirements, no matter when we made the items you are selling. If you have further questions please feel free to call our customer service at 1-877-274-8877, or send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please show CPSIA in the Subject Line so we can direct your inquiry to the right person. You can learn more about toy safety at and The Toy Safety Call Center (888-884-TOYS).


Justin Gilbride
Vice President
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